My 30 day challenge

After painting and exploring doors and windows for a while. I wanted to see if I could challenge myself and paint everyday a different subject. Painting something different like still life but not restricted to it and challenging myself. Objective was to complete one painting everyday and paint it loose without getting into details. Although I couldn’t resist from getting into details at some point. It started with small (3.5” x 5”) size. So here is my 30 day challenge of painting different theme everyday and sharing on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Although my subject was mostly still life from a cup of coffee to vegetables and fruits to flowers and flower pots. I picked whatever caught my eye that day. Most of my still life inspiration was driven by photographers sharing their work with me or from free stock images. Sometimes I would just lay out my own setup and paint from it.

Some days were better than other but the point was not to get hung up on perfection or details. Although I might have done a pretty good job in detailing few of them. If you want to read about how to find time and keep yourself motivated, read my other blog “ Motivating Yourself To Paint” .

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